The announcement of a phased lockdown based on risk levels has left many companies in the dark on whether they fit the criteria of essential services and/or permitted services which enables employees to return to work from 1 May 2020. As such, we recommend you follow a proactive approach based on lawful compliance with a clear and proven strategy - especially with uncertain regulations and enforcement. Now is not the time to put your company and staff at risk. Our comprehensive offering ensures we are not taking risks with our clients inadvertently breaking the law and/or risking their livelihoods. Please click here to access the list of rules and regulations for companies during the phased lockdown. Please note that we are experiencing a high volume of applications at this time and as such we cannot take calls nor advise on your case over the phone. Your case will only be considered once you submitted your details on the contact form at the bottom of this page. NB: We are only assisting companies that are operating as an essential/permitted service during the current level of lockdown period. We DO NOT assist with permits for individuals (must be obtained at police station).


I know my business is an “essential service” or “permitted service” for Level 4 lockdown as listed in Table 1 of the Regulations issued on 29 April 2020 and I need the required certificate and permit/travel documents.
  1. Lawfully obtaining essential service certificates for your company -
    R980 excl. VAT
  2. *Essential services document travel pack for employees -
    R480 excl. VAT per employee
* Travel pack includes certificate, attorney letter and documents needed for verification.


I have read the Regulations issued on 29 April 2020, but I am not certain if my business is an essential or permitted service.
  1. *Consultation with specialist attorney -
    R3,250 excl. VAT
  2. Additional steps will be quoted on a case by case basis.*This is where your business case is complicated, including legal interpretation, regulatory escalation and/or motivation as to whether your business does indeed qualify to operate during the current level of lockdown.


I have read the Regulations issued on 29 April 2020, but I am a sole proprietor and need to register a company with CIPC before I can obtain an essential or permitted service certificate.
  1. CIPC company registration and lawfully obtain essential/permitted service certificate –
    R3,250 excl. VAT.




The standard time frame is 5 working days, where correct information is submitted on a first-time accurate basis. There are no guarantees from Home Affairs that this will be adhered to. Urgent applications, where international travel must be done within 5 working days, will be dealt with through a special application process.


The categories which has received approval are work, study, family reunion, permanent residency and travel for medical reasons. Each of these come with own documentary support to ensure a successful process. Where you are unsure about your category and / or whether you will meet the specific requirements, we will gladly schedule a call and see how we may assist in ensuring that you do qualify.


The application process may be done as a group or individual travel only; however, all information must still be provided for each applicant. We assist with both category applications.


As the largest independent immigration provider in South Africa, we liaise with the Department of Home Affairs daily and as such we are perfectly placed to assist with the necessary approval process to allow you to travel abroad. The typical clients which we will assist are those who require
  • Urgent international travel approval for South Africans wishing to travel internationally.
  • Critical international travel for business purposes and where a successful application must be ensured.
  • Commencement of study on a specific time frame.
  • Where families must be together, including bring parents or family members at risk to more secure locations than South Africa.
  • Permanent residents of foreign countries or where you want to permanently relocate from South Africa.
  • Medical reasons.
  • Where you must undertake urgent international travel and are unsure of the category under which you may qualify.


We work with highly sensitive Home Affairs permit applications; therefore, we are well versed in the protocols and procedures to ensure that important or critical permits are securely issued.


Our clients generally fall in the following three categories – A. Travel Application – Basic This category is where you will self-submit your application and need assistance to ensure this is issued on a 1st time correct basis. We provide you with the specific details required for your category as well as a letter of review from our immigration office. The cost for the process is R980 plus VAT and to commence, please make the necessary selection below. B. Travel Application – Professional This service includes an end-to-end solution, where we obtain the necessary Home Affairs travel permit, including all liaison with the Home Affairs officials, additional motivations and explanations required, follow-up and to conclusion. As a golden rule, only we are allowed to deal with Home Affairs, and they consider it professionally discourteous where a specialist provider facilitates the process and they must also field follow up from the general public as well. We perform a needs’ and documentation required analysis, after which we will prepare a quote for services. The costing is determined by the category applied for and the country to which international travel is undertaken. The normal cost is R2,480 and we will provide an additional quote where you require us to also obtain the “Foreign Embassy Letter of Admissibility” and/or whether you require an expedited approval process. Please make the necessary selection below and the process starts with the completion of a basic questionnaire and providing of supporting documentation. C. Travel Application – Important Where you are a high net worth individual, complex scenario or have the need for a more bespoke solution. Please send your details and one of our specialists, who will be in direct contact with you and normally a phone call or video conferencing. Our comprehensive offering ensures you receive the necessary documentation and approvals on an urgent basis and you manage any risk and uncertainty of the process by using a trusted provider to facilitate the application.

Service Discontinued To Level 3 Regulations.

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