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Multidisciplinary Professional Business & Tax Consultancy

Africorp is a multidisciplinary professional services provider focusing on individual and corporate clients’ tax and business consulting needs. We have many years of experience across different fields which allows to offer a breadth of services, while maintaining high levels of service excellence. Proven problem solvers; we are also at the cutting edge of lastest best-practice standards and practices, locally and worldwide. For this reason, we comfortably focus on local and international clients’ needs.

Business Consultancy Service Portfolio

Our extensive expertise enables us carefully evaluate your set-up needs, and you gain a cost effective business start-up.
Africorp offers a professional service to large corporates, from identifying the category of visa best suitable, through to the compiling of a fully compliant application for submission.
As the demand on companies to become more “global,” in profile increases, there necessarily has developed a need to bring in “internationally mobile” employees.
The complexity of the affairs of High Net Worth Individuals poses significant challenges, but we are ideally suited to assist these individuals.

In the ever-changing and fluid labour environment we operate in, we present a flexible, cost-effective alternative through our outsourced labour solution to provide temporary and permanent specialised professional staff.
We provide a comprehensive service for individuals & families wishing for formalise their emigration from South Africa, be they inside the country, or have already relocated abroad, in line with South African Reserve Bank prescriptions.
Africorp Specialised Recruitment provides national and international search and selection services through the application of scientifically validated and reliable practices in the selection process.
Africorp Specialised Assessment Solutions provides you with the means to identify strengths and developments regarding employees, in order to make the right decisions when it comes to your workforce.