Discovering Your Perfect Fit Through Scientific Psychological Assessment


Africorp Specialised Recruitment provides national and international search and selection services through the application of scientifically validated and reliable practices throughout the recruitment and selection process. Through our team of specialist recruiters, registered industrial psychologists, chartered accountants, master reward specialists, attorneys and payroll specialists, we have a wider spectrum of specialised search and selection areas covered, affording us the advantage of finding that missing puzzle piece.


Access to CV’s is easy with widespread web-based platforms, yet due to inadequate selection processes, employers still pay the price of making poor placements, resulting in unnecessary costs and non-retention of key talent and skills. We deliver a superior placement service with our sophisticated recruitment process and our niche industrial psychological approach minimises the risk of selecting a candidate whom should have been a non-starter.


Our approach is tailored to client specific requirements, which includes the following:

  • Creating and reviewing Job Profiles & Psychological Profiles of ideal candidates and detailed pre-search processes.
  • Accessing our extensive network of established talent and sourcing candidates with proven effectiveness.
  • Scientifically validated assessments ensuring methodical selection. Recruitment is conducted by qualified and registered Industrial Psychologists, using evidence-based personality profiling, testing of performance related matrices and psychological & competency-based assessments to ensure a scientifically validated approach to finding and acquiring talent.
  • Best matching through optimal balance between Job Profile, experience and Personality Profile to achieve the most appropriate corporate culture fit, aimed at achieving higher job satisfaction, productivity, employee engagement and retention.

Job Analysis is performed to determine the inherent competencies required to function optimally within the position and organisational culture. Measurement of competencies to match the analysis is possible through the use of psychometric assessments and psychological practices, some of which include:

  • Personality and Preference Assessments
  • Competency-based Interviewing
  • Problem-solving and Cognitive Ability Assessments
  • Learning Potential Assessments
  • Emotional Intelligence Measurements
  • Thinking Style Questionnaires
  • Technical Assessments
  • Integrity Assessments

Our assessments are scientifically validated and registered with the Health Professionals Council of

South Africa

Not only do we offer traditional recruitment methods of CV selection, interview process and reference checks, but we elevate your search to a new level through in-depth Job Analysis and tailored scientific psychometric assessments and psychological measurements, to ensure a perfectly matched candidate.


We have a passion for in-depth analyses of both the prospective employer environment and prospective candidate in order to consistently deliver on the correct match for both company and candidate. Our team is licensed to perform most of the scientifically recognised assessments in the market and includes HPCSA registered Industrial Psychologists to work on business critical selections.


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